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The "Answers for the Workplace E-Memo" is sent FREE about once per week, focusing on workplace issues for employers, employees, and those looking for work. It's usually between 250 - 300 words, so it typically fits on one screen for easy reading with no scrolling involved.ddddd
Best of all, the E-Memo is FREE!  Try it today!
NOTE: Leadership Development holds your email address in strict privacy. We will never give away or sell this information, nor will we bombard you with junk mail (not our style!). A promotional email about Leadership Development products and services is sent out only about once-per-quarter.

Each AFTW E-Memo arrives in your mailbox with "AFTW" in the subject line, followed by the title of that day's memo. That way:

- You know it's not spam

- You can decide at a glance whether or not the topic is of interest to you. (we know not all workplace topics apply to everyone!)

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