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Your source for Train the Trainer and 
Manager as Trainer classes

The workshops listed below provide the tools--and the practice--for managers, trainers, and leaders to succeed.

"This is the best money the bank has ever spent."
- Tami Ferguson, Washington Trust Bank

Presentation SkillsFor anyone who must present in front of others. How to make the best connection with listeners, techniques for using PowerPoint, overheads, flip charts, dry-erase boards, best ways to create objectives, and MUCH more.

The Manager
 as Trainer
Equip your teams to be top performers. Learn (and practice) an On The Job training method that gives you GREAT results. Learn (and practice) analysis tools, design and development methods, get coaching on your 'stand up' skills, and much more.

Train-the-TrainerNEXT SEAT CLASS: November 4 & 5 in Boise, Idaho. This is a courses for Trainers, Managers, Supervisors, Instructional Technologists, Training Coordinators, and Training Managers covering proven ways to cut training time and increase retention.

Performance Evals 
and Training
Performance evaluations are one of the most powerful tools in a mangers toolbox. Use them well and you build a phenomenally better workforce. But too often they are misused--or not used at all...

Public SpeakingFor anyone who must get up in front of people, from the 'once-a-month' report giver to the CEO.

Setting Training Goals 
That Really Work
This workshop provides the tools--and the practice--to succeed at setting and maintaining training goals.

Training for AssertivenessIn this workshop participants learn the difference between Aggressive, Assertive, and Non-Assertiveness, including the balance between courage and consideration, the use of eye contact and body posture, and more.

Creating Passion-Driven TeamsBased on Dan Bobinski's latest book, learn how to create the environments necessary for teams to function at their best.

In this workshop participants learn how to recognize conflict, evaluate its presence, and work within its framework to bring about consensus, resolution, and win/win solutions.

Value the DifferencesOur most popular workshop! Most conflict in the workplace is not due to "difficult" people, but "different" people--those who appoach things differently than we do. This FUN workshop opens our eyes on why people approach things the way they do, and how we can best work with those differences.

Dealing With 
Difficult People
How to transform the pessimism and negativity of other people into wonderful opportunities for growth and personal achievement.
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