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Value the Differences

Taking Training To a Whole New Level ... Yours!

Most conflict in the workplace is not due to "difficult" people, but "different" people--those who appoach work differently than we do. This FUN workshop opens our eyes on why people approach things the way they do, and how we can best work with those differences.

This is by far our most popular workshop, and it's available in 1/2-day, one-day, or two-day formats (depending on how much practice and skill you want your people to have).  You will learn –and practice:
- How to deal with those people who want results NOW!
- How to get the best results from your "people" people.
- How to best work with those 40% of the workers who tend to 'lay low.'
- How to present information to those folks who want to analyze things.
- What you should expect from--and how to communicate with--the various types of people, and how to maximize your productivity with all of them – and MUCH more!   Workshop Handout 

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