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Creating Passion-Driven Teams

“Every team leader and manager needs to read this book. It offers timely, specific and actionable advice on how to create environments in which team members can—and will want to—do their best work.”
—Lisa Haneberg, vice president, Management Practice International

In this workshop, participants get in-depth training on what it takes to create passion-driven teams. Based on Dan Bobinski's latest book, the workshop starts with an overview of "The Management Matrix" and explores the causes and cures of micromanagement. Specific topics include: The Myths of Motivation, The Do's and Don'ts of Delegation, Listening Skills, Maintaining a Balanced Diet of Meetings, and much more.
“I found myself drinking deeply from Dan’s principles and examples. The practices Dan describes need to become habits for all of us, as they are necessary to create the type of teams needed for success in today’s business world.”

— Gary Harpst, veteran CEO
Best-selling author of Six Disciplines Execution Revolution
“Dan Bobinski offers critical insights into the factors that promote passion-driven teams. His approach transforms the concept of management—from controlling ‘people’ to controlling the conditions that create passion and excellence in teamwork.”

— Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D.
President of the Boss Whispering Institute
Author of Taming the Abrasive Manager

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