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Trainer's Code of Ethics and Conduct

The following Code of Ethics and Conduct is established as a mimimum standard for all Leadership Development trainers, as well as for those seeking Certified Trainer and Certified Professional Trainer status.

- I will treat every learner with respect and dignity

- I strive to ensure all learners understand the material being presented

- I will be available to learners before / after class, and during breaks

- I will incorporate learner's personal experiences when appropriate

- I will understand how the material fits into the learner's overall curriculum

- I will stay current with advances in my field of expertise

- I will dress appropriately and maintain a good personal appearance

- I will not engage in behavior that may be seen as a conflict of interest

- I will not disrepect competitors

- I will take responsibilty for creating an optimal learning environment

- I will start / end sessions on time, and provide timely breaks

- I will seek to involve all learners in discussions and activities

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