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'Personality' Assessment Details

Sales Skills Index™

• You see what people know (and don't know) about how to sell.
• Allows pinpoint sales training--train only where needed!
• Shows sales reps where to focus their efforts.
• Helps you screen sales applicants.

• Prospecting
• First Impressions
• Qualifying
• Demonstrating
• Influencing
• Closing

The sales process has six phases 

Are your sales reps knowledgeable in each phase?

The Sales Skills Index presents 67 “real life” sales situations with four different ways each situation could be handled. Simply rank each of the four choices from “most effective” (1) to “least effective” (4).  

Here's a question similar to what you'll see on the Sales Skills Index: 

Q. While qualifying your prospect, you learn he is using a competitor's product.  You happen to know this product has problems when used the way the prospect is using it. What should you do? 

Ask the prospect what changes he would make in that product if he could. 
Ask the prospect what he likes and dislikes about that particular product.
Point out how your product doesn’t have those types of problems.
Ask questions that lead the prospect to see that his current choice has problems.
 This assessment is available online, 24/7!  See a sample report
Sales Strategy Index
Shows what a person knows about the six phases of the sales process as compared to known top performers

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See a sample report

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