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'Personality' Assessment Details

Teambuilding Assessment [DISC]

Need to build your team? 
Takes only ten minutes to complete.
Provides details of a person's work style with uncanny accuracy. 

If the information in this report doesn't help your team get along
better, we'll refund your money - and you keep the report.

What do you know about DISC assessments?  Play DISC Trivia

♦ Identify key strengths -- and potential weaknesses!
♦ Learn your value to the team
♦ Learn preferred communication styles of all team members
♦ Learn where to improve to make your team more effective.
♦ Plus a whole lot more!
See a sample of this full 18-page report

Just a few ways to use this assessment:


Leadership Development's President, Dan Bobinski, is DISC certified. Feel free to call us for help with any of your DISC questions.


for Self Awareness
for Teambuilding
for Conflict Resolution

for Screening and Hiring
for Succession Planning
for Personal or Professional Development (Coaching)

This assessment is available online 24/7   how to purchase

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