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'Personality' Assessments


Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are now available for our DISC and Workplace Motivators workshops -- Accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.

The Assessments:

"These assessments are excitingly accurate!"

-Wallace Smith
Automotive Technology Instructor
Idaho State University 

Quick and easy online assessments!
Use them to:
- resolve conflict
- develop and coach managers
- identify top applicants
- build dynamic teams —and more!

E-mail us or call (208) 375-7606 to order.  (setup details)

NEW:  Test your DISC knowledge 
A Fun Trivia Quiz

What they're used for:

Talent Insights
[DISC & Workplace Motivators]
A combo report with both DISC and Motivators. 40+ pages of insights. view sample

Talent Insights - Sales Version
[DISC & Workplace Motivators]
A combo report with both DISC and Motivators. 40+ pages of insights. view sample

WorkStyle Analysis [DISC]For managers and staff. 26+ pages of insights. view sample A comprehensive report.

Sales Style Analysis [DISC]For sales people & sales managers. 26+ pages of comprehensive insights. view sample

Teambuilding Assessment [DISC]For individuals or teams. A great medium-length DISC report (17 pages). view sample

Interview Insights™ [DISC]
For Interviews:
Given to job applicants. Also used by those w/ a tight budget. (~10-page report)  view sample

Interview Insights™ - Sales Version [DISC]Given to sales applicants -- and for sales teams on a tight budget. view sample

Workplace Motivators™
To Identify Motivations:
Impressive report for understanding motivations. Perfect for resolving conflict and for sales reps. view sample

Sales Skills Index™
To Measure Sales Knowledge:
Pinpoints whether or not one knows what the effective actions are in the six phases of a sale. view sample

Work Environment™
To Benchmark a Job:
A benchmarking tool to determine behaviors needed for success on a specific job. view sample

Successful Career Planning™Matches one's preferred behavioral style with jobs that fit well with that style. view sample

How to Purchase ReportsIt's easy to get any of the reports above. Here's how.

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