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Strategic Planning

Common problems found in many companies
(are they found in yours?):

People lack motivation or "buy in".
People are not working together. 
Pet projects are eating resources.
Decisions are not timely. 
And the list goes on . . . .

What Needs to Happen:

Engage the initiative and ignite the spark in each employee.
Get employees to align their problem-solving choices with the company mission.

What You Get From Us:

Our customizable Strategic Planning Method gets people to see the vision, own the mission, and know what to do to achieve company goals.
Some companies choose to complete these five steps in one or two days, but we also offer this process in hour-long weekly meetings.
Both methods bring great results!

The basic steps for this method are: 

1. Define the Culture and Values

2. Clarify the Vision & Mission

3. Conduct a S.W.O.T. Analysis

4. Identify Key Action Items for Growth 

5. Set Goals—and Implement Them
(Based on prioritized action items)

When people get involved in this process they get energized! Their enthusiasm for what's possible takes off and commitment levels rise. 

Questions? Call us at (208) 375-7606

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Successful Companies Talk It Up

We've observed that the most successful companies incorporate vision and mission into their everyday conversation. Conversely, struggling companies consistenly neglect or omit any talk of company vision and mission.

The Strength of SWOT

The diagram to the right illustrates the both the simplicity and the power of a SWOT Analysis. We help companies of all sizes in this process. Make your job easier: If your company doesn't make vision and mission part of its everyday conversation, give us a call. We'll customize and facilitate a process that infuses initiative and enthusiasm in your organization!
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