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Strategic Screening & Hiring

Screening & Hiring


Hiring Sales People

Selecting the Right People Makes or Breaks Your Salesforce.

We find out IF, HOW, and WHY each applicant will sell—all BEFORE you conduct a face-to-face interivew!!

1. Buy Dan Bobinski's Effective Screening and Hiring E-book.

2. Use the following assessements for Step Four (as described in the book):
    a) Sales Interview assessment. This tells you HOW a person sells. Compare each applicant's DISC profile to the requirements of the job.

    b) Workplace Motivators assessment. This tells you WHY a person sells. Here's a valuable tip: Successful outside sales reps score highest in Utilitarian 72% of the time.  

    c) Sales Strategy Index assessment. This tells you IF your applicant knows how to sell. Does your applicant know the most effective things to do in the six phases of a sale? 
If applicants score well on these assessments, bring them in for an interview!

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