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What is a Sales Strategy Index?

The Sales Strategy Index measures how well a person understands the strategies needed in the six phases of a sale.
This assessment has several excellent uses:
1. During sales person screening and selection.
2. To pinpoint the exact areas needed for sales training.

The main question answered in this assessment is how well does a person understand the sales process? In other words, are they treating each sales situation the way top sales people do?

The Sales Strategy Index presents 54 different "real life" sales situations. Each situation is followed by four plausible ways a sales rep could respond. Respondents rank the four alternatives from "best" to "worst," and the result is an eye-opening report on a rep's strengths and weaknesses in the sales process.

Especially designed for outside sales, the Sales Strategy Index helps your sales personnel learn to handle each sales opportunity correctly.
The Six Phases of a Sale:

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