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Selecting the Right Salespeople Makes or Breaks Your Salesforce:
With the help of our state-of-the-art assessments and our seven-hurdle interview system, we find out IF, HOW, and WHY a person will sell--all before you conduct a face-to-face interivew! 

This successive system takes the guesswork out of hiring. It's efficient and effective! 

First, a telephone screen determines the level of communicative ability and probes the experience and attitudes of applicants. Can they talk intelligently on the phone?? 

Second, a short behavioral assessment determines the relative match to a pre-determined "ideal candidate profile." 

Third, we uncover what motivates an applicant. The Workplace Motivators™ assessment identifies an applicant's reason for selling. (hint: it may not be the money!) 

Next we discover whether or not a person knows the sales process. The tool is the Sales Strategy Index™, which pinpoints an applicant's knowledge in the six phases of a sale: Prospecting, Demonstrating, First Impressions, Influencing, Qualifying, and Closing.

The fifth hurdle uses the Sales Style Analysis™ and identifies an applicant's preferred method of selling: New or established territory? Tangibles or intangibles? Inside or outside sales? Cold calls or service calls? Lots of supervision or independence? How do they like to be managed? (Plus LOTS more!) 

The sixth step is a background investigation and reference check, which can be light or very in-depth. 

Finally, we use all the assessments and conduct a behavior-based interview. Candidates review and comment on their assessments with a frankness and openness not found in normal interviews. 

The result? You hire only top-level applicants! 

This method identifies applicants who can and will produce. Without sales, companies fold up and go home. Selecting the best sales people is in the best interest of any company.

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