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Why waste training dollars? Pinpoint your sales training to meet the exact needs of your sales people.

If your car's engine had a valve knock, you'd be wasting money if you overhauled the whole engine. You're better off financially if you just have the valves adjusted.

The same concept applies to training your sales reps.
If someone knows how to influence and close but needs direction in prospecting and qualifying, you're wasting money sending this person to a general sales training session. You get better ROI if you pinpoint your sales training to only what the person needs.

Our Pinpoint Sales Training does just that.

After completing a Sales Strategy Index™, we know where a sales rep needs to focus his or her efforts. Using our training modules, sales reps receive a personalized sales training plan with a specific focus on their areas of weakness. This plan can be administered by Leadership Development or by a sales manager.

If desired, Leadership Development offers personalized sales coaching and sales training workshops.

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