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The Down and Dirty Dozen: How to Increase Sales Team Effectiveness, Part I

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Sales is the name of the game for any business. Without customers, nothing happens and we all pack up and go home. The remainder of this week we’ll be examining the “Down and Dirty Dozen” – twelve guiding principles for keeping energy in your sales team:

1.Feed your sales people lots of specific encouragement. This is not the Vince Lombardi “Get out there and do it” hoo-rah, but rather “I really like the way you’re doing ‘X’ lately.” Specific encouragement from the boss is fuel for the sales person’s soul.

2.Make your sales team into a sales team. By eliminating competition between or among your sales staff, you put them on the same team and they start helping each sell more. Remember: the other company is the competition—not the coworkers!

3.Drop the word “why” from your sales meetings. “Why” questions put people on the defensive. Replace “why” with “what” or “how.” For example, “Why didn’t they buy?” can be replaced with “What was their main objection?” This eliminates blame and opens a dialog on “how” to overcome the objection – and make the sale.

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