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Who Cleans the Kitchen Area at Work?

In larger companies itís usually not a problem Ė employees are hired whose duties include cleaning kitchen areas. Sometimes outside contractors are assigned the task. But in small and medium-sized companies, KP is a duty that often lands in the lap of someone who chooses to do it.

Sometimes one person finds him or her self always cleaning up after others. This can be great for the others, but the one who always does the cleaning can start to resent it after a while. Itís really an issue of comfort level and cleanliness standards, but the situation can cause resentment and passive aggressiveness in other areas of work.

One person I know of was so concerned about the kitchen area at work that she began leaving notes reminding others to clean up after themselves. This did little to address the problem, and this person found herself cleaning up after others even more.

It wasnít until someone counseled her to avoid the kitchen area altogether and eat lunch away from the office that other people starting cleaning up after themselves.

Bottom line: A company policy of personal responsibility in workplace kitchen areas is usually a good thing.
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