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Twisted Words = Twisted Relationships

In meetings as in any kind of negotiations, it’s vital to maintain intellectual honesty. If you bring anything else to the table you’re asking for missed connections, ineffective relationships, or worse.

One guy I know, we’ll call him James, has a chip on his shoulder toward some people who used to work with him on a project team. For some reason, James never communicated his displeasure about how these people treated him, and he carried around this resentment, letting it fester.

Recently, James was tasked with working with these same people again. When it was his time to speak he fired off some half-truths and underhanded comments, and basically tried to make his coworkers look like idiots. They looked at him surprised. It was pretty obvious James had no desire to be a team player. But rather than talk with anyone about how the relationships might be made better, James chose to twist words and play games.

Needless to say, it was obvious to all involved what James was doing, and respect for him dropped immensely. Bottom line: Intellectual honesty goes a lot farther than playing silly political games.

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