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Are We Too Busy?

This is the abbreviated version of Dan Bobinski's weekly newspaper column. You can read the full column here

Just this past week (first week of August, 2003), a woman in the Boise, Idaho area forgot to drop off her two-month old child at day care on the way to work. After a full dayís work in which temperatures reached over 100 degrees, the woman drove to pick up her child, but realized she hadnít made the trip that morning. Looking into the back seat, she saw the lifeless body of her child, still strapped into its safety seat.

It's gut-wrenching. My first thought after hearing this was to question whether or not we have become too busy as a society.

Perhaps our priorities are out of whack. Excessive work and no play affects our families, including how we raise our children. Excessive work takes time away from community activities, from helping neighbors, and from building quality friendships. In essence, it appears that too often, excessive work eats up the time we need to live our lives.

My heart was burdened when I heard of the sad tragedy about the baby. I couldnít say anything. I could only feel sad. Sad that as a society, we are taking work so seriously that we are neglecting life. We should be working to live, not the other way around.


In the United States, weíve had 25 infant deaths this year alone from people leaving children unattended in vehicles. In the summer, the temperature inside a car rises almost twenty degrees in only ten minutes, and it continues getting hotter from there.

Bottom line, donít leave children unattended in vehicles. Not even for a few minutes. Itís not worth it.

I encourage you to read this weekís newspaper column
Are We Too Busy?, and also to look at Jan Null's Study of Excessive Temperatures in Enclosed Vehicles, just released from San Francisco State University. Her findings are eye-opening.
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