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Working for an Entrepreneur, Part I

If you work for a small company, this one’s for you! (if you don’t but know someone else who does, pass this along!)

David Gumpert, writing in BusinessWeek, says that working for an entrepreneur is different – they have an unusually high need for achievement and a stronger inclination to take risks than most “company” bosses.

Individuals employed by entrepreneurs, if they understand their entrepreneurial boss, can do things that put themselves at an advantage. I’ll cover two briefly here today and cover the rest tomorrow.

1. Treat the company's resources like your own. Everything the boss owns is invested in his/her business. Try fixing things yourself before calling a technician and find the cheapest hotels when you travel. On occasion, let the boss know about all the extra steps you took to save the company money—it makes the boss happy.

2. Bring in new customers. Entrepreneurs love new customers, as they are the lifeblood of the company. Even if you aren't a sales person, nothing will give an entrepreneur more pleasure than employees coming in with the names of new prospects, or at least ideas for finding new customers.

Read more on working for entrepreneurs ….
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