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The Next Wave of Discrimination

We’ve all heard about the illegalities of discriminating against people because of their gender, race, or skin color, but what about discrimination against primary care givers?

Primary care givers are people who are the primary source of care for another human being, be it a child or an elderly adult. This could be a single-mom, or someone who must tend to an ailing parent on a daily basis.

The law says we’re not supposed to take these factors into consideration when hiring or promoting, but it still happens. Usually the scales fall in favor of the single person without any care giver responsibilities, based on the mindset that they’ll be more flexible and will be able work when a primary care giver can’t.

That sounds good, but aren’t single people more likely to fly the coop if something better appears? – they don’t’ have anyone tying them down. Primary care givers want as much stability as they can get, and may be more loyal.

As you can see, the arguments go on, so bottom line: Follow the law and take it all out of the equation. Base hiring and promotions on actual skills and abilities.

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