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An Anti-Spam Email Program

On September 4, 2003, the cutting edge digital communications company Qualcomm released a new version of Eudora, an Email program that works on both Windows and Macintosh computers. And while that may cause come people to say, “so what?,” the big news is that Eudora’s new version contains some pretty nifty anti-spam tools.

In the days before Microsoft’s overt and manipulative efforts to own the world, Qualcomm’s Eudora was “THE” email program to use. And, since most of the viruses that are created target Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express, it may be that people will start returning to Eudora simply to reduce their chances of getting hit with a virus.

The new Eudora’s anti-spam feature allows users to filter messages for spam—and train the program to recognize similar messages as spam. The program then dumps these messages into a “junk mail” box. Users can browse through the junk mail box to see if any wanted mail got filtered in.

Eudora also takes a bit of initiative: If junk mail sits unopened for more than 30 days, it is automatically deleted. Great for those Email pack rats who never delete a message.

For those interested in more information, visit www.eudora.com
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