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Refocusing for Growth

With wars and rumors of wars occurring around the world and with terrorist alerts on high in this country, business cannot sit down and idly watch it all happen, or wait in fear for a doomsday event. Precautions should be taken, as we’ve noted previously, but business does not have to stop.

The April, 2003 edition of Fast Company magazine notes that although the traditional engines that drive our economy have run short on steam, other drivers have come into play.

For example, many organizations have relied on blockbuster-type products and services to revolutionize their markets, but in reality, incremental moves based on structured creativity and operating discipline are just as effective.

Another example given is the mindset that growth is based on creating new products, or increasing the number of factories or personnel. Fast Company suggests that perhaps a more effective strategy is creating growth based on intangible assets, such as building relationships, or gathering more information than previously sought, in order to make better decisions.

Overall, if we stop doing business just because of fear, the terrorists have won.
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