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When Someone Goofs Up

I heard a story recently about an adult walking with two small children. The children wanted to play on the other side of a large hill, so the adult told them, “okay – we’ll go, but there’s a steep cliff along the path. You must stay close to me and away from the edge or you may fall off the edge and down the side of that big hill.”

As they walked along the path, one child stayed very close to the adult – but up along the steepest part of the hill, the other child strayed too close to the edge and fell over. By chance, he managed to grab hold of a frail bush that was about to give way. The adult looked back and at that point had two options:
1. Say, “I told you so,” and then keep walking, or
2. Reach down and help the child up.

Of course this story isn’t real – but it illustrates a very important concept. When people with whom you work goof up and make mistakes, do you berate them and ridicule them, or do you help them up?

Truth be known, sadly, we all do a little of both. But what if we opted more often for choice number two? What if we chose more often to reach down and help someone else up?
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