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Changing the Traditional

Some of us have been around long enough to remember the milkman delivering milk to the front door in glass containers. During the 1960’s glass gave way to plastic. Over the years the shapes have changed a little bit, but not much.

Then there are paint cans. For how many decades have we needed a screwdriver to pop the top and fight with the can so it doesn’t spill?

These are just two of the traditional methods of product delivery that you may see going by the wayside in the near future. John Nottingham of Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates recently created a stackable milk jug with the screwcap near the edge. This makes it easier to pour—and it’s stackable! Once company who has already bought the design is saving 50% on shipping costs as result of not needing milk crates.

Also on the market is a new plastic screw-top paint “can,” recently put into use by the Sherwin-Williams company.

It just goes to show that a little imagination and “outside the box” thinking can go a long way, and can be very profitable. Look around your workplace – what traditional things could you change to make your life easier?
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