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Why You Have to Be a Lifelong Learner

This is the abbreviated version of Dan Bobinski's weekly newspaper column. You can read the entire column here

Here at the end of July, 2003, Kodak announced it was laying of 6,000 more people, mainly because consumers are buying digital cameras and digital image cards instead of good olí fashioned 35mm film.

New technology brings changes to all industries. But as workers, what are we doing about it?

Experts estimate the sum total knowledge base in the world now doubles every three-to-five years. Additionally, adult learning experts now say that within five years of completing a formal training program such as a four-year degree, 40% of what was learned will be obsolete.

With these facts before us, itís vital that lifelong learning be a main ingredient in how we approach work and careers.

In his press release, Kodak Chairman and CEO Daniel Carp says, "We are evolving from a historical film company into one that is aggressively pursuing the vast potential of digital imaging across all of our operations."

Itís just one more example proving we need to be lifelong learners. Why? Itís likely that what you do today and how you do it will change drastically within ten years. At the very least, technology will change how you work, if not the actual work itself.
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