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Website Design

Having a website for your business or your department can be a great thing, or a not-so-great thing. If the site is easy to navigate for its users, there’s nothing like it. If the site is confusing, well, there’s nothing like it.

Visions Beyond, a website development company based in Southeast Idaho, offers some good tips to people designing – or redesigning – a website:

1. Make sure your information is short, clear and easy to read.
2. Use minimal graphics – graphics slow down how fast a page loads.
3. Make sure the site is easy to navigate.
4. Use shorter pages – people really don’t like to scroll much.
5. Provide a way for someone visiting your site to contact you easily (and make sure they get a quick reply!)
6. Minimize the use of fonts. Too many font styles creates visual confusion.
7. Use light colored backgrounds with a minimum of pattern.
Excessive patterns and dark background colors can be very annoying to the eye.
8. As much as you can, provide new information on a regular basis. Give people a reason to visit your site often.

Further website design questions can be directed to Visions Beyond at (208) 478-7836.

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