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The Job Market (as seen by the US Dept. of Labor)

In Spring of 2003 the US Department of Labor has released some projections for the job market. As usual, some careers are looking up and some are looking down.

On the down side, one of the fastest declining career fields around are railroad worker jobs such as brake, signal, and switch operators. Also on the downward slope are telephone operators, loan interviewers, and order clerks.

Careers with high expectations continue to be computer-related jobs. Software engineers, computer support specialists, systems engineers and system administrators are all being touted as the jobs with the most opportunity in the coming decade.

One area where recession will never occur and employment is practically guaranteed is in healthcare. Almost all heath care careers are in need of people. For example, clinical laboratory scientists and nurses are going to be in short supply very soon. People in these fields will be able to find work most anywhere they live.

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a place to live with good prospects for job growth, the Department of Labor statistics show that Missoula and Billings Montana, Yuma, AZ, and both Tacoma and the Tri-Cities area in Washington are growth hot spots.
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