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The Down and Dirty Dozen: How to Increase Sales Team Effectiveness, Part II

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As I said yesterday, sales is the name of the game for any business. We need customers, or we pack up and go home. The rest of this week we’re examining the “Down and Dirty Dozen” – twelve guiding principles for keeping energy in your sales team:

4.Keep it fun. Many salespeople find sales fun, but get worn down with all the pressure and negativity. By finding the fun, your sales team enjoys coming to work. No one likes to come to work where it’s a drag.

5.Practice the fundamentals. Practicing fundamentals keeps sales results coming. Proper qualifying, good demonstrating, and asking instead of telling are a few common fundamentals. Find ways to practice these basics, such as role-play. It’s an excellent way to improve skills without practicing on customers.

6.Have a system and make it a habit. Most sales operations can be quantified into a very learnable system. Create a flow-chart and review it until it becomes second nature. Periodic re-examination of the system is also a good idea.

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