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Our "Standard Operating Procedures" Make Us Very Attractive:

For our Management Development Programs, we do NOT charge for:
-         working with clients to identify their needs
-         customizing training programs
-         travel time
-         “prep” time
-         Email and telephone consulting in between sessions
We do charge:
-         Per Diem
-         Actual cost of transportation (air/ground/fuel) and lodging
-         Actual cost of in-class training supplies  (expendables, not equipment)
-         For any assessments tools (e.g. DISC, MBTI) used in training
Several of our mottos:
Email consulting and phone calls are always free.
            (We’re all about service)
If we start looking like everyone else, you'll start looking AT everyone else.
            (We’re different, and we want you to know it)
Better a fast nickel than a slow dime.
            (We charge less than you might expect for our services)
Our team can work with you to identify your needs, create an effective solution, and select the optimum implementation schedule.

Feel free to contact us with questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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