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The "Answers for the Workplace" Workshop Series

One-day or half-day sessionswith guaranteed results.* To make it easy for companies to equip their managers and/or staff with the key elements of self management, work management, and relationship management, we've put together a series of workshops withwhat we call "the essentials." We call it the "Answers for the Workplace" workshop series.

Workshops are brought to you -- savetime and money and get everyone your team on the same page!

- GainEmotional Intelligence, the key differentiator between good and great managers
- Improve Self Management, Work Management, and Relationship Management skills
- We don't do seminars - we teach application for eachtopic
-We come to you with one-day or 1/2-daysessions- save time and travel expenses
- FREE contact with the instructors throughout the program
- Choose your topics - View the topic list

Small group projects and lots of interaction -- It's engaging, fun, andall about making people more productive, effective, and profitable. Remember: we never charge extra to customize the program to meet your specific needs!

Enrollment is easy: Call (208) 375-7606 or just click here

"This program is great! The day-to-day grind tends to wear me down. This material boosts me up -- it keeps my saw sharp."

- Terry Orme
Chesbro Music, Idaho Falls

People from a wide variety of professions and industries are enjoying this workshop series. It's specifically designed to address topics and needs that apply across the board.

IMPORTANT: This program is flexible. You have have the sessions once a week, once every other week, or once a month! Whichever way you choose, you get the biggest bang for your training dollar!

In essense, this series equips and helps people stay "tuned up." A better deal cannot be found check it out!

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