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Topic List - Answers for the Workplace Workshop Series

Equip managers and/or staff with the key elements of self management, work management, and people management.

This series of workshops has "the essentials."  We call it the "Workplace Excellence" workshop series. It includes assignments so participants apply the material on the job.  This means results for your organization!

Contact with instructors inbetween workshops is provided FREE.

Topic List:

Self- and Work Management Topics:

1 · Taking Initiative 
2 · Setting Goals 
3 · Time Management / Delegating 
4 · Assertiveness (it's different than aggressiveness!) 
5 · Building Relationships 
6 · Team Building 
7 · Work / Life Balance 
8 · Project Management 
9 · Customer Service 
10 · Giving Presentations 
11 · Analyzing & Solving Problems 
12 · Being Creative and Innovative 

Interpersonal Skills Topics:

1 · Communication Styles 
2 · Working with "Driver" Temperaments (aka 'Type A') 
3 · Working with "People" People 
4 · Working with "Steady" Workers 
5 · Working with "Conscientious" Workers 
6 · Conducting Effective Performance Reviews 
7 · How People Interact / Notice Information 
8 · How People Process Information / Make Decisions 
9 · Hidden Motivators: Knowledge / Money / Harmony 
10 · Hidden Motivators: Social Interaction / Power / Traditions 
11 · Building Consensus and Teams
12 · Resolving Conflict with CoWorkers or Customers 

Note: We are flexible!  If you want to swap out one training topic for another, just tell us!

Lots of Benefits:

· All participants receive top-of-the-line assessments to help them understand themselves better (Remember: "He who knows others is learned -- He who knows himself is wise!")

· People stay tuned up! These one-day or 1/2-day sessions don't eat up a lot of time, but give people a regular "booster shot" to keep them focused and on track.

· Free contact with our instructors in between classes. It's the same as having a personal consultant/coach to help you implement what you're learning at no additional cost!

· Unbelievably low fees!

There's no better program ANYWHERE on the market for the money.
Call (208) 375-7606 or click the link below.

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