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Leadership Development offers a variety of training options to meet our customer's need on an individual basis. We trust you will contact LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT to assist you in becoming more productive, effective, and profitable, yet we also want to offer links to other businesses and organizations you might find helpful.

New links are added as new helpful sites are found. If you know of a helpful link you'd like to see added to this page, please Email us and let us know. We'll see what we can do to get it posted on this page.

Note: These links are NOT paid advertisements. Leadership Development chooses to list these links only as a service to people who visit our site. Levels of quality or reputable work ethics have not been verified. As always, choose your vendors with care. Leadership Development receives no recompense for anyone using information or services listed here.

Helpful Links

Do you work in a multi-level building? Look into getting an emergency escape hood. It's an air-purifying respirator providing head and eye protection from hazardous fire and toxic carbon monoxide gasses, resisting 800 F temperatures with excellent visibility and hearing. It allows you to breathe for up to 20 minutes through thick smoke so you can get out of a burning building.

Discover Your Customer Service IQ. A free customer service quiz (18 questions) presents some good topics for discussion. Other customer service (mainly telephone) tips, techniques, and products are available.

Have you been "slammed?" This is when a long-distance carrier illegally tells your telephone service provider that you've switched long distance service, when in fact, you have haven't! To find out who your long distance carrier is, simply dial 1-700-555-4141. A computer will indicate your carrier. If you have been "slammed," report it to the FCC via email or at 888-225-5322. This is white-collar crime that needs to be reported!

Needing to teach ethics? The Affective Domain is the outline for developing your lesson structure. Works great for safety training, or anytime one must teach in the realm of feelings and values.

If you've received a letter from the IRS, or if you want to know what to do so you can be prepared ahead of time, check out tips for surviving an audit.

Are you involved in the hiring process? Visit the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to find out what's legal and what's not.

Are you a mom looking to work FROM the home? Visit HomeWorkingMom.com, Home-Based Working Moms, and Working Mom's Refuge.

Looking for a job? Visit the National Labor Management Association's links to Federal and State Departments of Labor.

Interviewing for a job? Don't forget the "thank you" note! Well written, it puts you miles ahead of the competition. Review "Thank You" note tips to make sure yours is the best it can be.

Workplace Eye Safety. This comprehensive site includes 10 Ways to Prevent Eye Injuries at Work and also offers a free Workplace Eye Safety Quiz.

Self Employed? Here's lots of Social Security and Medicare Tax Info for people who are self-employed, operate a trade, business or profession, either by yourself or as a partner.

StressBusters is an info-packed link on beating stress. Lots of tidbits and helpful tips, including a quiz and a list of stress symptoms.

Business Law Knowledge Database is like an online library with many articles on common legal problems. You can also identify laws pertaining to individual states as well as locate a lawyer in your area.

EPA Publications for Small Businesses. Environmental trends, requirements, and regulations that some small businesses must know.

Statistics and More on Small Businesses. This site is the SBA's Office of Advocacy, representing small business to the Federal Government. This is a comprehensive site replete with small business statistics and other helpful info. Note: Some documents require PDF capabilities.

Everything you Wanted to Know About Direct Mail. This site contains a plethora of information, including a collection of online articles that answer a lot of questions about direct mail.

ASTD. (commonly known as the American Society for Training and Development) The world's premier professional association and leading resource on workplace learning and performance issues.

Website Design Info. Free articles to help you design, build, and promote your Website. LOTS of helpful tips!

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